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Growing up I was surrounded with and inspired by my Jamaican aunties who all had a passion for baking. The aroma of their rum cakes became legendary, with our family, friends and neighbours making any excuse they could to come over and sample a piece of this beloved rum-soaked fruit cake.

...I started making it for family and close friends and the feedback was unanimous: it was delicious!

Jamaican rum cake (also known as Jamaican Christmas Cake, Jamaican Fruit Cake or Black Cake) traditionally contains dried fruits; however, as a child I used to pick them out! When I began to bake myself as a hobby, I decided to experiment with our traditional family version and adapt it to create my own “fruitless” black cake recipe.

Once I had perfected my own unique blend I started making it for family and close friends and the feedback was unanimous: it was delicious! It seemed I wasn't the only one who preferred my rum cake without the dried fruit, and many would ask if I was going to start selling my cakes professionally. Thanks to this overwhelming positive feedback and my sheer passion for baking Jamaican rum cake I decided to team up with my husband and together we founded Olga & Asquith Products Ltd!

Like the cake, our name is a representation of our Jamaican heritage and ancestry. It is a tribute to my beloved late Jamaican grandmother and my husband’s beloved late father, both of whom loved black cake just as much as we do.


  • My husband and I bought 2 pieces of your cake today at Lakeside, Doncaster after we tried a sample. Our little black Spaniel was after a sample too!
    We have just eaten the cake and it is simply indulgent and beautiful. It is like nothing we have tasted before.
    The packaging is unique and attractive also.
    We have read your story which is very interesting, and to honour your relatives and the name you would have given to a daughter really touched our hearts.
    We wish you both every success with your business in the future.

    Donna & Kev Neave.

    Donna Neave
  • Tried this today at Lakeside Doncaster and omg it is heaven!
    Best Jamaican rum cake I’ve ever tasted.
    Highly recommended

  • If you like rum and you like cake, this is heaven. Just had mine with a nice cup of tea and enjoyed the long lingering aftertaste. Yo ho ho.

  • Simply The best Jamaican rum cake I’ve ever had!!!! With a beautiful package

    5 STAR SERVICE ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

    Maureen Ferlance

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