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Luxury Bakers Of Traditional Jamaican Rum Cakes With A Twist!

Olga & Asquith Products Ltd are proud to present to you Jasmine’s Jamaican Rum Cake an elegant touch to a traditional classic cake!

After initially baking our Jamaican rum cakes for family and friends, we soon realised there was a gap in the market. There simply wasn’t a lot of choice or availability for anyone who loved this delicious Caribbean celebration cake as much as we do... and so our concept was born!

We have taken our delicious “fruitless” recipe to the next level by creating Jasmine’s Jamaican Rum Cake, a high-end product that tastes just as good as it looks, presented in a uniquely packaged luxury feel box that keeps the cake fresh and able to be enjoyed at leisure. We feel our cake is so delicious, it shouldn’t just be saved for a wedding or a party: with Jasmine’s Jamaican Rum Cake you can now order and enjoy anytime you like!

Here at Olga & Asquith we are passionate about our product and recognise and acknowledge the historical heritage of rum, from the freedom fighters in the Caribbean sugar cane fields that discovered the process to now a treasured export throughout the world. Rest assured we only use the finest rum available to ensure our cakes have the most exquisite taste possible.

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Cake symbolises life and celebration,
enjoy yours in style with Jasmine’s Jamaican Rum Cake.

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