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Nothing evokes more nostalgia for the Caribbean islands than rum cake. As important as it is delicious, this historic edible treat is a tribute to the freedom fighters, who we are indebted to, who fought their battles against the colonist oppressive sugar trade. They started the journey for justice, equality and full freedom in the Caribbean.The ingredients of sugar, molasses and rum that make black cake so unique, rich and enjoyable are also a reminder of what kept the colonists on the islands for so long. This cake truly reflects hundreds of years of Caribbean history and culture.

Caribbean rum cake is thought to have originated with British colonists, who began settling on the islands during the 18th century, bringing with them recipes for steamed fruit puddings. Local chefs soon adapted these recipes incorporating local ingredients and liquors. Where traditional British cakes would have brandy in them, rum became the significant ingredient in black cake and along with its intense dark colour, soon became the symbol of the islands. The gift of a Jamaican rum cake has always been seen culturally as a token of deep friendship and respect. The preparation process can be a real labour of love, and ingredients costly, so to be the recipient of such a gift really is an honour.

This cake truly reflects hundreds of years of Caribbean history and culture.

With Jasmine’s Jamaican Rum Cake, you can savour mouth-watering flavours and rich Caribbean history in every delicious bite. It’s the perfect way to celebrate Jamaican traditions with your family or friends.


  • Love love ❤️ this cake I know should of shared but did not lol need to get the ginger cake to try I bet that yum . I got the cake as a present so when I order do I collect ?? X

    Julia Connelly
  • Beautiful absolutely beautiful, purchased slices for colleagues to try,they loved it. Lorna.


    Maureen Ferlance
  • I purchased a cake and I am now hooked to the delight of the light fluffy sponge that you just want more and more. 10/10 is awarded for an exceptional cake and presentation. 5⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

    Maureen Ferlance
  • Just open our Christmas gift of the Jasmine’s rum cake and it is simply divine

    Michael & Beverley Madden

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