The Only Luxury Rum Cake

The Only Luxury Rum Cake

Get ready to “taste a slice of Caribbean luxury” with Jasmine’s Jamaican Rum cake. Our newly launched cake is about to truly change the game for anyone looking for a slice of this traditional Caribbean edible treat! We believe that cake needs to be as fresh as possible, so each and every cake is freshly baked by hand. We have done away with the usual 12-month shelf life that so many of our competitors offer so that no compromise whatsoever is made on the freshness and taste of our cake!

You will experience true luxury with every bite; from the taste and texture to the deep, dark, rich colour which is perfectly complemented by our contrasting, light and sumptuous buttercream filling.

Our newly launched cake is about to truly change the game...

Our 75g cake is presented and packaged in an attractive and elegant box, making it the perfect gift. Our unique box also keeps the cake fresh for a whole 7 days.

Whether you enjoy by yourself, or with friends and family, we believe our cake truly lives up to our motto “Cake symbolises life and celebration, so enjoy yours in style with Jasmine’s Jamaican Rum Cake”.